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Our areas of expertise
A high-quality service for companies and private individuals
Translations are certified as true representations of the originals and are signed and stamped

Marteau de juge


Incorporation of companies, articles of association, trade and companies register,

Marriage contracts, powers of attorney,

Divorce judgements, parental authorisations,

Wills, bequests, inheritance

Esquisse d'ingénierie

Expert reports,
Technical studies,
Manufacturing procedures,
User instructions


Civil status certificates (birth, marriage, death, single status)
Certificates of origin, certificates of residence
Extracts from criminal records
Passports, visas, driving licences,
Naturalisation, Adoption files


Dossier médical Analyse

Websites and smartphone applications for addiction treatment,
Consultation reports,
Specialist consultation reports,
Patient consent requests


Deux écrans d'ordinateur

Presse releases,
Events, advertising,
Annual Reports,
Travel brochures,
Restaurant menus


Diplômés titulaires de diplômes

Diplomas, transcripts,
Equivalence files,
Work certificates,
CVs, covering letters,
Tax certificates


Some useful information on official translations...

Translations for use with the Swiss authorities: if legalisation of the translator’s signature is required, this can be done at one of the notarial offices we work with in the cantons of Vaud, Valais or Fribourg or at the notarial office of your choice (fees vary between CHF 40.00 and CHF 50.00 per document, including VAT). Since 01/01/2011, notaries are the only competent authority for this procedure.


Translations for use abroad: original document should feature an original and official signature and a stamp issued by a notary. In addition to this, an apostille should be affixed to the document, pursuant to the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961. This can be done at the Bureau des légalisations, Lausanne district Préfecture, Place du Château 1, 1014 Lausanne. Tel. 021 316 41 11 (fee CHF 30.00).

For more details, please consult the official website of the Canton of Vaud:

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