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1. Field of Application

All services ordered to TRADUCTIONS-LAUSANNE, by e-mail or post mail, imply the general acceptance by the Client of the following general conditions.


2. Text to be translated

The Client agrees to provide TRADUCTIONS-LAUSANNE with all texts to be translated in electronic or paper format. In case of electronic format, the Client will send the source file or PowerPoint with no password. All texts written on the basis of models will be refused.  In case of handwritten texts, a Word file or a typed paper document will be provided including the names and handwritten words, in order to have a good understanding and avoid any mistake in the spelling of names.

If, after acceptance of the quote, the Client requests any corrections or additions to the translated source text, there will be an extra charge for this work.

In case of difficulties in the understanding of the text, its form or its subject, the Client agrees to provide to TRADUCTIONS-LAUSANNE any element, which could be useful to perform the translation in the best possible conditions.

The translations are intended for the exclusive use of the Client. Any reproduction or use for commercial or advertising purposes or others, will be the sole responsibility of the Client and in total defence of TRADUCTIONS-LAUSANNE.


3. Confidentiality

TRADUCTIONS-LAUSANNE guarantees that any document sent by the Client, also for the purpose of the quote, will be treated as strictly confidential. TRADUCTIONS-LAUSANNE undertakes not to disclose any information to third parties.


4. Data protection

Your personal data, including your e-mail address, will only be used for replies, quotations, invoices or other related services and will not be passed on to third parties unless required by law. You have the right to access your data, to modify it or to ask us to delete it.


5. Quote

TRADUCTIONS-LAUSANNE provides the Client with a free quote including all services offered, price and delivery deadline. The quote is valid for one month from its issue. It is established in French, English or Spanish, depending on the Client’s language. Once the Client has accepted the quote, it will be considered as an order. In case of cancellation of the order after acceptance of the quote, the Client will have to pay an amount of 50% of the total order.


6. Delivery deadline

TRADUCTIONS-LAUSANNE undertakes to respect the deadline mentioned in the quote sent to the Client. In case of additional work requested by the Client (change of addition of text), the delivery time might be increased in proportion to the demand.

In general, all translations are sent to the Client by e-mail, in PDF format or in a different one, according to the Client’s demand.

All official translations are signed and provided with a seal. They are sent to the Client by priority mail. TRADUCTIONS-LAUSANNE cannot be held responsible for delays in the delivery of mail or in case of force majeure.


7. Cancellation period

One hour after confirmation by e-mail or telephone. In the event of cancellation after this period, an administration fee of 10% of the total amount of the quotation will be charged.


8. Payment

TRADUCTIONS-LAUSANNE issues an invoice without VAT (not applicable) in accordance with the quote accepted by the Client. For regular Clients and Companies, the payment of the invoice is made by bank transfer or postal order within 30 (thirty) days. For any order of CHF 2’500.00 or over, the Client will be asked to make a deposit of 50% of the total amount when confirming the quote and to pay the balance on receipt. For new Clients, an advanced payment will be required. Any delay in payment shall without further notice incurr arrears interest at the rate of 5% (five per cent) calculated from the due date as well as administrative costs.


9. Governing Law and Juridiction

All relationships between TRADUCTIONS-LAUSANNE and the Client are governed by the Swiss Law. Any dispute that may arise will be settled out of court as a priority. In case of disagreement, the dispute will be under the jurisdiction of the ordinary courts of Lausanne.

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